Best online dating sites for casual sex

Best online dating sites for casual sex

Most people who are not into a relationship are looking for a casual hookup, for a night or for a regular basis. The internet is one of the most popular places in the world where you can get easily meet up other people. There are many dating sites available on the internet that can help you find a casual sex. For some people, they want a casual relationship than a commitment due to personal reasons. The common reasons are fewer mistakes, no commitment, no limitations, and just for fun.

Here are some hookup sites you may want to visit for your next casual sex. You will definitely find someone who can match what you are looking for and have fun. Below we’ve listed some of the best online dating sites when you aren’t looking for a serious relationship or just finding a casual sex partner;


  • Founded in 1996 by American company mainly located in Florida.
  • Over 300 million of accounts and counting.
  • You can easily sign-up in just 5 easy steps.
  • This site allows you to broadcast your sexual preference with either same-sex hookup or opposite sex and your interests


  • Over 400 million user accounts from around the globe and counting.
  • You can find people who are looking for casual sex in your area or other places.
  • Focuses on casual sex and not dating.
  • Features live sex chat if you don’t want personal meet-ups.


  • The site matches its user on their sexual compatibility and helps you find a partner in bed.
  • It also provides sexual chemistry for its matches.



  • The site is open for horny people.
  • It also allows committed people other than singles to sign up on the site.
  • The site is focused on giving you great sexual encounters and not dating.
  • By the name itself, it doesn’t allow people who are looking for commitments.



  • It was established in late 2014.
  • Dedicated for online dating that can lead to hookups.
  • It provides 25 languages and included 80 countries around the globe.
  • You can find a potential long-term partner.


  • It is founded in the year 1998.
  • It is like Tinder.
  • The site is open for singles who don’t want commitment but only to get laid.
  • It provides you with nearby users for instant hookup.
  • The site will ask you some silly questions so it can match you to your potential hookup.


  • The homepage welcomes you with “jump into the XXX action” banner.
  • The site offers a wide array of sex partners to choose from.
  • It also offers all types of sex.
  • With over 75 million users.

  • The site is dedicated to singles who want casual sex.
  • It also attracts hot, sexy, and passionate singles who want to get laid for a romantic hookup.
  • Accessing the site is free and there is no fee collected.

Ashley Madison

  • It is known as a notorious dating site.
  • It focuses on hookups.
  • It aims to meet the users’ sexual desires and needs.
  • It only provides casual sex and guaranteed that users are not into longer relationship.

These sites are made for people who want a casual hookup, but there are also people who have casual relationships that turned into a longer term relationship. For fun or for a long-term companion, it is nice to meet new people.

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